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North Shore Notables: Health Food Stores & Eateries Part II

Aside from brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly, maintaining optimal oral health has a lot to do with what you put in your mouth. The foods and drinks you consume play a vital role in your overall health, including the health of your mouth. The goal is to consume wholesome foods that are low in added sugars and simple carbohydrates while also staying away from highly processed and acidic options as they wreak havoc on your oral health over time. Opting for healthy food and drink choices start with the store or restaurant that you shop from. 

In our first round of local highlights, we visited eateries and food stores in the local area and showcased some of the best offerings around. We couldn’t stop there though, so, here are some more of our favorite local health food stores and restaurants. Consider switching up your shopping habits and stopping into one of these spots to enjoy what these locations have to offer. 

Wild Oats Health Food

12 West Street, Beverly Farms, MA 01915

Open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, this health food store in the heart of Beverly Farms has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a health-conscious local shop, this is the place. From food and beverage to skincare and pet supplies, you can find all you need within this location. Open since 1995, Wild Oats has been proudly serving the community with healthy options to fuel their bodies and keep them in tip-top shape. They specialize in organic, non-GMO local foods and also have a great supply of local honey and CBD products. Wild Oats is big on helping the community thrive in their specific diet plan, from Whole 30 to Keto, all bases are covered. 

Half Baked

1 West Street, Beverly Farms, MA 01915

Half Baked in Beverly is the perfect spot to satisfy your sweet tooth or grab a quick bite for breakfast or lunch. They are open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. They pride themselves on having a “comfortable and fun” atmosphere just like their food. All options are handmade on location to ensure they are 100% peanut and tree nut-free. From their sauces to meats and bread, all items are made from scratch for top quality and satisfaction. With fun offerings like the English muffin pizza or mackin cheese grilled cheese to delectable pastry items like doughnuts and muffins, there are options for the whole family, including vegetarian and vegan choices. You can order online, over the phone or in person. The next time you’re craving a sweet treat, look no further than this local spot.


9 West Street, Beverly Farms, MA 01915

A family-owned farm-to-table restaurant in our own backyard is exactly what we all need more of. “Owned and managed by Marilyn Donati and her daughter Erika Wight, Vidalias is the natural culmination of Marilyn’s 25 years of experience as a local farmer and Erika’s enthusiasm for all food that’s local, fresh, and delicious,” and we couldn’t think of better combination for a local eatery. Vidalia specializes in the farm-to-table approach, boasting farm-fresh produce, fresh-baked bread, specialty cheeses, and gourmet food options. Their goal is quite simple, they want locals and visitors alike to, “eat fresh.” Offering restaurant-style eating, pickup, and catering, there are options to please no matter your party size or needs. They are open seven days a week and offer the most delicious signature sandwiches, amongst other local favorites.

Consuming good food is key to optimal oral health. Choosing options that exude the farm-to-table ideal will keep you as close to nature as possible when it comes to the food you choose. Whether you’re a meat-eater or prefer to go the vegetarian or vegan route for health or moral reasons, there are local options for everyone in your household. When choosing to dine out remember to select options that are healthy, wholesome, and provide your body with the proper nutrients it needs to sustain energy and keep you, including your mouth, healthy. 

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