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Lorraine Bunker: Lipkowitz Client Testimonial

Meet Lorraine Bunker! 

Lorraine is a longtime patient of Lipkowitz Dental Associates and a Beverly resident. She has worked for years exploring the healing of the body, mind, and spirit through art through her personal business and with the Montserrat College of Art. 

We were so honored to interview Lorraine about her experience with Dr. Rob Lipkowitz over the decades!


How long have you been a patient of Lipkowitz Dental Associates?

Let’s see. How long have I been a patient of Dr. Rob? I’d say, 20, 25, maybe close to 25 years. 

Why Dr. Rob?

When Dr. Rob enters the room he’s already smiling. 

And so, when somebody is smiling at you, what do you do? You mimic them! And then he’s laughing a little bit because he’s probably got a funny story and it probably relates to something he remembers about me. 

What would you say to someone thinking about joining the practice?

If somebody wanted to be a patient of the practice, I would say they’re going to get everything that they need. They’re going to get professionalism and they’re going to get the latest techniques. I’m always so impressed with the equipment that Dr. Rob has. He’s always bringing new techniques or he’s talking about a conference that he’s been to.

To me, it’s a nice balance of professionalism and a very personal touch. 

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