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Getting Back on the Bike: Client Success Story

Dr. Rob Lipkowitz is known for his incredible dental restorations. Cara Chatellier, Founder and Creative Director of Bubbly Creative recently sat down with Dr. Rob to learn more about one of his more memorable patient restorations. Check it out here:

Dr. Rob, I understand you have a reputation for successfully completing dental restorations and giving people the smiles they’ve always wanted. Can you think of an example of this from your practice?

Many years ago I had a man come to me. He was in his late sixties and he spent his entire career in the Secret Service.

Oh wow.

When he was a young man, he was a motorcycle guy. He would ride around on his bike, He was a bad boy. And then he had to put all of that away behind him and he spent 40 years in the Secret Service. And I met him after he retired. And when he came to me, he had no lower teeth and he had a denture on top and he was a very, very nice guy, but he was quiet.

And after we finished restoring his mouth and giving him a set of implants on the bottom that supported his teeth and giving him the smile that he really liked, I saw him for the next 15 years.

Every time he would come in to see me, he would come back and have another story to tell. First, he went out and he bought himself a motorcycle and he was having a great time. The next time he came in, he brought his motorcycle and his girlfriend who he bought a motorcycle for. And then every time he’d come back, he’d tell me about when they were out to Sturgis for their motorcycle rally. And every time he’d come back from Sturgis, he’d have another tattoo on his arm and he’d show me his new tattoo. This guy just had such a vim and vigor for life. And he was just always the nicest man, but the happiness that he exuded after the impact that this had on him was just amazing.

I love it. You really are improving lives one smile at a time.


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