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CEREC Same Day Crowns- A Step by Step Walkthrough

Before CEREC same day Crowns, getting a porcelain crown was a multi-visit process which could take weeks! On the first visit, we would prepare the tooth and take an impression of the crown with a rubbery material. Then, that mold would be sent out to a laboratory, and 3-4 weeks later, we would insert the crown. Frequently, problems would arise within that 3-4 week period which would add time to the patient’s visit. But now, with CEREC, we can prepare the tooth, take a digital scan, and insert the crown on the same day, with no messy impression materials needed!

So what does the actual CEREC same day crown process look like? Watch Dr. Rob walk you through it!

Step 1- Take Scans of the Teeth

Using a non-invasive camera, Dr. Rob scans the teeth, creating a digital rendering in the computer. This scan is incredibly accurate; collecting not only the shapes of the teeth, but also the bite and how the teeth fit together.  This is far simpler and often more precise than getting an impression by having a patient bite down into a mold- which can be incredibly uncomfortable and time consuming. 

Step 2- CEREC Machine Takes Digital Models of the Impressions

The computer will then turn the impressions into digital renderings, showing all of the contours of the teeth. This 3D model is then used to focus on the damaged tooth and see what it needs for a crown.

Step 3- CEREC Machine Creates a Proposal for the Crown

Dr. Rob instructs the computer to create a model of a crown that will fit over the damaged tooth. The advanced technology can do this almost instantly.

Step 4- Any Needed Adjustments are Made

Using tools within the software, he can then adjust the shape of the proposed restoration if need be. 

Step 5- The Proposal Goes to the Mill to Create a Complete Crown Ready to be Custom Fit to your Mouth

With just the click of a button, the proposed crown shape is sent virtually to the mill. In the laboratory, a small porcelain block is placed into the CEREC mill, which acts like a 3-D printer to carve the crown into its specific shape. Once this is completed, the crown is taken out of the machine and placed in the patients mouth without adhesive to ensure proper fit and bite. Once it is confirmed that the crown fits comfortably, it is glazed and placed in an oven to give it the proper color and shine that matches the rest of the natural teeth. This step takes only 15 minutes, after which the finished crown is adhered over the damaged tooth and the procedure is complete. 


CEREC same-day crowns can save smiles (see an example, here), vacations, and weeks worth of patients’ time. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

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