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Dental Crowns: New In-House Same-Day Crown CEREC Technology

Learn how our new same-day CEREC technology can help you the next time you need a dental crown in Dr. Rob’s latest interview with Cara from Bubbly Creative

What are dental crowns and who typically needs them?

Most people are familiar with what it’s like to get a filling. You may have a cavity in a tooth and your dentist will drill a hole and fill it with a composite dental material. However, when fillings go untreated or get large the tooth can get weaker and may need to be protected. A crown covers the chewing surface of that tooth, sometimes going down to the gum, and serves as both a filling and protection for the tooth.

What is CEREC technology?

In the past, getting a crown was a two-visit procedure. On the first visit, we would prepare the tooth for the crown and take an impression of the crown with a rubbery material. Then, that mold would be sent out to a laboratory, and 3-4 weeks later, we would insert the crown. Frequently, problems would arise within that 3-4 week period that would add time to the patient’s visit. But now, with CEREC, we can prepare the tooth, take a digital scan, and insert the crown on the same day, with no messy impression materials needed!

The materials we use at Lipkowitz are the same materials used in the laboratory. This allows us to do simple crowns in house! However, if we’re doing multiple crowns on a person, I’ll still send it to the lab, because the laboratory can do it so much faster when it gets to multiple units. If I want the laboratory to do it, patients come in and I do the scans and I just email it to my laboratory and they get the digital file and they produce the crown from those files instantly!

How has someone in your practice benefited from these CEREC same-day crowns?

One of my long-term patients came to me the day before he was leaving for Portugal with a broken front tooth. My plan, originally, was just to get him in and do whatever I could to temporize the situation so he could go on his trip and I would deal with it when he came back. But, the way the tooth broke ended up being ideal for making a crown for him. I prepared the tooth for the crown. I took the scan and an hour later he walked out, and the next day he was off to Portugal! He even sent me a nice postcard from Portugal thanking me.

Learn more about this amazing technology & how you can benefit from same-day dental crowns here

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