Treating Patients Like Family: An Interview with Emily Smith

Treating Patients Like Family: An Interview with Emily Smith

We sat down with long-time Lipkowitz Dental Associates employee, Emily. Her hard work and dedication as our office manager are essential to the practice running smoothly and delivering excellent care both in and out of the dental chair. Hear what she has to say here.


What do you enjoy about your role at Lipkowitz Dental Associates?

I really do enjoy helping people be at ease. Sometimes when our patients come to the dental office, they are a little nervous, they’re a little worried, and they don’t have a lot of information. So I really enjoy my role in helping them understand what’s happening, what the financial elements of their care are and just making sure it’s as positive and experience as possible. Everybody here really genuinely cares about our patients as people and we’re very committed to providing them excellent dental care and just taking good care of them.

What makes Lipkowitz Dental Associates different from other practices?

I would say our practice is set apart just by our relationship with our patients. Every patient is an individual. We consider them members of the family and we know our patients. We know how to help them with scheduling with their financial needs. It’s very personal and once you come into this practice, we take very good care of you as we would our own family members

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