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The Best Food Options for Optimal Oral Health

Taking care of your body, including your oral health, requires attention to many different lifestyle factors. From daily maintenance, like brushing and flossing, to cleanings every 3-6 months depending on your health and your ability to effectively remove plaque from your teeth and gums. Oral health requires consistent attention and care to stay at the most optimal level. Another big factor when it comes to maintaining a healthy mouth is the food you eat. If you’re looking to focus more on restructuring your diet for the health of your mouth (and body) integrate wholesome foods in your daily meals and avoid foods that are high in sugar, artificial sweeteners and flavors and those with high acidic value.

Here are some of the more beneficial foods to add to your daily diet today. 

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens promote a healthy oral microbiome, cleaning your mouth with the help of healthy bacteria. Leafy greens are outstanding prebiotics that work in unison with healthy oral bacteria to keep bad bacteria at bay. The darker the choice, the better, as they help strengthen your teeth through their high mineral content. Include leafy greens in a big afternoon salad or as a compliment to your morning smoothie mix. Our go-to options include: kale, spinach and arugula which we love to buy at A New Leaf in Beverly. 


Fatty, or oily, fish, in particular, can have a positive impact on your oral health. Because fatty fish are high in vitamin D, it can aid in reducing your risk of developing cavities. Vitamin D works with other vitamins in your body to strengthen your tooth’s enamel through the distribution of calcium in your mouth. Fish are also high in omega-3s which is a healthy fat which reduces inflammation in your body. This supports gum health, reducing risk of gingivitis and gum disease immensely. The best options include small amounts of tuna due to mercury build up in tissue, salmon and trout. 

Yogurt, Milk & Cheese 

Dairy products, especially grass-fed, options provide suitable amounts of calcium to fuel your body and keep your bones strong. Another vitamin that dairy products provide is K2, which is essential for healthy teeth and an ageless smile. Through the use of calcium and vitamin K2, your enamel rebuilds. Yogurt, in particular, has been shown to reduce bad breath bacteria by the use of live and active cultures that ward them off. The next time you need a little dairy pick-me-up or delectable smoothie, we highly recommend visiting Organic Garden Cafe in Beverly. 



This power fruit helps increase the amount of saliva in your mouth while eating. The extra saliva produced by consuming an apple essentially helps to rinse out your mouth which helps to reduce the amount of food and bacteria in your mouth between brushing. This reduces your risk of getting cavities, especially if you eat an apple a day. Pick up your favorite apple variety at Wild Oats Health Food store in Beverly Farms. 


Oats have been linked to a healthy lifestyle for ages. From the benefits of their whole-grain structure to the versatility in meals, oats are, in many senses, considered a superfood. Whole grains have been shown to improve overall gum health.

Green Tea

It has been proven that green tea can help improve overall gum health by reducing inflammation and blocking the growth of bacteria which can cause periodontal disease. You can drink green tea iced or hot, but try to stick to the basics and avoid adding any sugar to your drink, which can reduce the effectiveness of the green tea while also adding unwanted sugar to your mouth.


Mint, in raw or processed form, kills bad breath bacteria in your mouth. Enjoy yours in a sugar-free gum or added to your water. 


When it comes to optimal oral health, the food you eat plays a vital (or detrimental) role in your short and long-term treatment plan. It is important to remember that all things should be consumed in moderation, especially those items that can affect your teeth and gums in a negative way. To learn more about the best foods for oral health or to schedule a consultation today, contact us. We would love to help you achieve an ageless and healthy smile for life. 


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