Sybille Denninger Lipkowitz Client Testimonial Gloucester MA

Sybille Denninger: Lipkowitz Client Testimonial

Meet Sybille!

Sybille is a German Translator and Teacher out of Gloucester, MA! Sybille has been a loyal patient at Lipkwitz Dental for years. We were so lucky to get to speak with Sybille about her experience with the practice. 

Why Dr. Rob?

I think Dr. Rob has excellent skills because he always stays on top of all the modern technology. He sends out a newsletter and makes sure that people know about the technology as well. He’s patient and I know that he is constantly training himself, even on computer programs and making crowns. He knows he can do almost any procedure himself.

Tell us more!

I also like that after every procedure, he calls the next day to make sure you’re okay. He doesn’t wait for the patient like “oh she’ll call me if something’s wrong,” he always calls and reaches out to make sure that everything is fine. And, and if it wasn’t, (I never had the experience) everything is always fine! But if it wasn’t, I feel he would have you come right in and that’s really great. 

What would you say to someone who wants to be a patient at Lipkowitz?

If someone wanted to become a patient of Dr. Rob, I would encourage them greatly. And I have actually!

I referred several friends and I tell them that, he’s just, really, really great. I mean, he makes everyone feel comfortable. He tells them right off the bat, “Sybille’s friend is our friend,” so it’s really nice.

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