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Peter Hanson: New Client Testimonial

Meet Peter Hanson!

Peter Hanson is a new patient of the Lipkowitz Dental Associates practice. To say he has a cool/important job is an understatement! He is the COO of a Biotech company helping to make the field of transplantation available, safe, and reliable.

We were lucky enough to interview Peter about his experience with Dr. Rob Lipkowitz as a new patient.

Tell us about your first appointment with Dr. Rob.

I’m a new patient with Doctor Lipkowitz. I first saw him in April and what really impressed me was the background questionnaire that he sent out to try to understand my dental history and what I’m looking for in dental care.

During the first visit, I was amazed. It was an hour and a half visit where Doctor Lipkowitz got to know me. He got to look at my mouth and evaluated what was good, what was bad, and what we needed to work on.

He then made a real point of trying to make sure that I was a partner in the dental plan that he was going to put together. And to my surprise, he didn’t actually do a dental cleaning that day!

Wow! What were the next steps with Dr. Rob?

I came back about two weeks later for a thorough dental cleaning with his hygienist. Through this process, we identified an old filling that needed some work done on it and I actually came back for a third visit.

Upon my next visit, I was impressed by the practices’ ability to have a pain-free procedure performed to replace that filling and make sure my mouth was in good shape. 

Would You Recommend the Practice?

The practice with Doctor Lipkowitz’s leadership is very impressive. Especially their attention to detail.

They understand what I’m trying to get out of my dental care as a patient. They then make sure they deliver what they need to and set out a plan for me.

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