Lipkowitz Dental Associates Makes it Easy to Switch Dentists

Lipkowitz Dental Associates Makes it Easy to Switch Dentists

Switching dentists can actually be quite a seamless process, but people tend to avoid it because they think it might cause an uncomfortable or awkward conversation and then they end up staying with the dentist they may be unsatisfied with.

How does Lipkowitz Dental Associates make it easy and seamless to become a new patient?

First of all, many times, people call an office and have difficulty getting in for a new patient exam, but we always try to accommodate people within a week to 10 days of their initial phone call. Additionally, if you have dental records that you can transfer, we can have you sign a release so we can get your records. If you prefer not to do that at all, we can just start from scratch. I am going to do a very thorough examination, so whether we have those records or not, can be irrelevant. No awkward conversations are necessary.

What are some of the most common reasons that people switch dentists?

Many times they just move into the area and they’re looking for a new dentist. Frequently at Lipkowitz Dental, most of our new clients come from referrals from old clients. Satisfied customers send other people over who are looking for good dental care. Sometimes people will have seen some of my cosmetic work on one of their friends and they’re looking for that type of thing also, so they’ll come here. 

Occasionally people do not have such a great rapport with a staff member in their current office or the doctor themselves. Everyone is always laughing at Lipkowitz Dental, so it’s hard to not fit in. We try to keep it light. 

Can you share a patient success story of someone who recently switched over to the practice?

Absolutely. Just the other day, I had a woman call the practice who had broken a couple of her front teeth and her dentist wasn’t able to accommodate her for another couple of days. We were able to get her in that afternoon and take care of her problem and she was thrilled. Not only was I able to fix the problem that she came in for, but I fixed something else that she wasn’t even aware of until I pointed it out. So she really left with a much better smile than the one she walked in with and she didn’t have to walk around missing a tooth, with places to go that night.

To read more success stories of patients switching over into the practice at Lipkowitz Dental Associates, check out our Google Reviews! We are currently running a promotion for new patients joining the practice where you’ll get a free 30-minute consultation directly with Dr. Rob. Visit our website or call the office to book your appointment today.

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