From Bummed To Beaming Client Success Story Lipkowitz Dental Gloucester MA

From Bummed To Beaming: Client Success Story

Dr. Rob Lipkowitz is known for his outstanding relationship with his patients. Cara Chatellier, Founder and Creative Director of Bubbly Creative recently sat down with Dr. Rob to learn more about one of his more memorable patients. Check it out here:

Dr. Rob, you have a reputation for successfully completing complex dental restorations and giving people the smiles they’ve always wanted. Can you think of an example from your practice of how you’ve done this?

Well, many years ago I had a woman come to me and when she came to me, she seemed like a kind of a sad and dour person. She didn’t have very much energy about her and she was embarrassed about the appearance of her teeth. They were dark and they were worn, and she wanted to have a nicer smile. I didn’t really realize that she was a much different person until later on. 

I restored her mouth with porcelain veneers and bridges. She was missing a few teeth in back and we did some bridges to replace that. I placed a couple of implants to replace some of the back teeth. And then we gave her a beautiful set of porcelain veneers for her upper teeth.

After I did my first veneer visit and I gave her just the temporaries that would restore her smile to about what they would look like, she became an entirely different person.

Every time she came in, she was just all smiles. All of a sudden, she was not a sad woman anymore.

She was just excited about everything. And let me tell you, this woman knows how to live. She has a very, very active social life. She was in real estate and it made such a difference to her and to this day, she is just excited every time she comes in here. I’m so excited to see her every time. It’s like a family member coming back!

She just needed a new smile!

That’s all she needed!

That’s amazing. You really are improving lives one smile at a time.

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