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FAQs on Zoom Whitening Answered

Zoom whitening is one of the most popular and non-invasive ways to brighten your smile almost instantly. This outpatient procedure is a way to lighten and brighten your teeth by dramatically improving the color up to six shades during a one hour session. This particular type of whitening service uses a patented bleaching gel in conjunction with a light wave, together activating and releasing oxygen molecules on your teeth’s surface. The oxygen molecules that are created are able to pierce through your enamel and break down the direct causes of tooth discoloration that you are experiencing. Whitening your teeth is one of the most effective ways to reduce the signs of aging in your smile. Used by millions of people each year, Zoom whitening can boost confidence and take years off your smile.

Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Zoom whitening procedure. 

Is Zoom whitening safe for everyone?

Zoom whitening is safe for most people age 14 and older. In general, the only people who should opt out of getting Zoom whitening are those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, children under 14, those with serious sensitivity to light, those with any form of skin cancer or those undergoing chemotherapy. Zoom is safe for teeth enamel with no known or recorded side effects to your overall health. Over time, it has actually been proven to strengthen tooth enamel in some patients. Always consult your doctor and dentist prior to scheduling your Zoom whitening treatment. 

What is the difference between Zoom whitening and in-store, boxed options?

The biggest differentiator between the Zoom whitening system and over the counter options, such as Crest Whitestrips, is the presence of amorphous calcium phosphate that aids in the hardening of your enamel. ACP helps to fill abnormalities, like cracks and microchips, in your teeth, restoring them to a more youthful appearance and stronger structure. Other whiteners do not have this so they do not strengthen your enamel surface. Zoom can strengthen your enamel up to almost 40%. Another difference is that Zoom whitening can brighten your teeth up to six shades, while at home treatments generally lighten up your teeth by one to three shades. Zoom is an in-office treatment that takes about one hour while at-home kits can take weeks to bring you to full brightness. A final, but important, difference is that Zoom whitening is a procedure that is performed by a certified dental professional and monitored at your dentist office, while at-home treatments are conducted by you, or a trusted friend or partner, at your home. 

How dramatically will the color of my teeth change?

Through the use of Zoom whitening, a bleaching effect occurs on your teeth by means of oxygen molecules, updating your teeth’s color appearance up to six shades brighter. The final result depends on each individual and varies on a case by case basis. Speak with your dentist about how bright you can get your teeth through a Zoom procedure today. 

Is Zoom whitening painful?

As a general rule, the Zoom whitening procedure is not painful. Some patients may experience minor discomfort and tooth sensitivity after the procedure which typically dissipates within one to two days. Tooth sensitivity from the procedure normally affects those who have already experienced tooth sensitivity in the past. It is an important rule of thumb to make your dental team aware of any preexisting tooth sensitivity that you may have experienced so they may plan out your procedure accordingly. 

What does the Zoom whitening process involve?

The Zoom procedure starts with a basic teeth exam that evaluates your tooth structure and overall starting tooth color. The dental professional then applies a special treatment to the gums to prevent it from being affected during the Zoom procedure on the teeth. Next, the teeth are covered in the Zoom whitening gel and set under a special light for 15 minutes. The light is then removed and a fluoride is added to the teeth. The 15 minute bleaching process is repeated two more times for a total of three bleaching sessions, or 45 minutes, during the procedure. 

Is there anything I should avoid eating or drinking after my Zoom treatment?

During the Zoom whitening process the moisture from your teeth is significantly reduced due to the bleaching process. For the following 48 hours post-procedure, your teeth are working hard to increase moisture levels and absorb as much moisture as possible. Due to this, it is best to avoid moisture-rich staining foods and beverages like soda, red wine, coffee, dark-colored sauces (soy sauce, ketchup, barbeque sauce), and tobacco products of any kind. It is imperative that you follow these recommendations as it could dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your treatment if you consume any of these items. 

How long do results last?

The longevity of results is based on each individual’s oral health care and overall diet. Some results can last one year while others last up to five years or longer. To extend the life of your Zoom whitening treatment it is best to avoid drinking coffee or red wine in excess, limit sugary foods and beverages and stay on top of your oral health care needs which include bi-annual dental visits, daily flossing and brushing your teeth two to three times a day.

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