Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Having good dental health is a personal reflection of who you truly are. A nice smile is one of the most sought-after characteristics for most logical-minded individuals. Teeth that are straight and white is an attribute that everyone would love to have, but life tends to throw us all a few curb balls here and there. Unfortunately, there are millions of people worldwide who don’t possess a set of great-looking teeth. Whether the issues come from a genetic level, or the issues come from personal choices, the things you do on a consistent basis will affect the health of your mouth, including the teeth and gums.

Why Go The Cosmetic Dental Route?

One of the best ways to achieve a stunning smile is by obtaining some form of a cosmetic dental procedure. The list of procedures is vast, but everyone may not qualify for a specific treatment. Unlike standard-dental procedures, these advanced procedures can potentially provide long-term results. Here are some of the top cosmetic-dental procedures in modern-day times.

1. Dental veneers are a gamechanger, especially when it comes to drastically improve the look of your teeth. Veneers are wafer-thin shells that are bonded onto the surface of the teeth. These custom-made shells are about a half-millimeter thick, and they can perfectly match your teeth’s natural color. Dental veneers generally range between $500 – $1,300 per tooth.

2. Dental implants provide the most structurally sound components in cosmetic dentistry. These types of implants are inserted into the tooth’s socket via titanium posts. The titanium post will provide a rock-solid grip as the jaw bone begins to heal around the post. Dental implants are great for replacing missing teeth. You won’t find a more solid foundation than this as dental implants can range between $1,250 – $3,000.

3. Dental bonding is a tooth-colored putty that’s bonded to an area of the tooth. For bonding the material to the tooth, ultraviolet light is utilized. Dental bonding works great for repairing misshaped, cracked, chipped or decayed teeth. This treatment is one of the top alternatives to silver fillings. Price ranges are between $100 – $400 per tooth and the procedure can last up to an hour.

4. In-office teeth whitening has produced stunning results that can be experienced immediately. Unlike store-bought whitening products, in-house teeth whitening uses professional-grade materials to produce the best results. This might be the simplest form of cosmetic dentistry, but it delivers some of the absolute best results in a matter of minutes. Individuals can expect to pay anywhere between $300 – $500 for this advanced-dental treatment.

5. Laser-gum therapy works great for removing stuck-on plaque. This special type of treatment specifically utilizes a laser to access and remove inflamed gum tissue. Of course, this gum tissue will be removed down to the root for producing the best possible outcome. Once the tooth’s root is exposed, the dentist will partake in root scaling, which is basically removing calculus build-up. The last step is when your dentist smooths the root to prevent future infection. Laser-gum therapy is pain-free, and its cost can vary greatly depending on your personal needs. You can expect to pay as little as $300, but also as much as $1,000 for ongoing therapy in the end.

Lipkowitz General, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry utilizes some of the most advanced technologies to meet your dental goals. Dr. Robert Lipkowitz and his team of dental professionals have many years of experience as well as copious amounts of education to produce the most comfortable environment.

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